Corporate Profile

Saham Group is built around the strong and humanist vision of its founder, Mr. Moulay Hafid Elalamy.
Founded in 1995, the Group has become - in less than two decades - a leading player in high added value
services: assistance, offshoring, health insurance and real estate.

Protection, care, assistance... In the course of a lifetime, we all resort to basic needs. Saham Group has
been doint its best to answer these needs for nearly 20 years. The Group contributes to the serenity of its
large customer base by protecting, assisting and providing them with quality care in Africa and the Middle
East. Our main mission is to develop and integrate essential human services, allowing each and everyone
to fulfil their lives.

Saham Group has tied strategic and equity partnerships with leading players such as Bertelsmann and
Wendel. This provides for a solid financial foundation for the Group to continue its expansion.

The dynamics of this growth have always thrived on a foundation of ethical values, ​​conveyed through the
launching and implementing of ambitious social development projects throughout Africa by the Saham