Our Strategy

In Saham Group, we believe that when undertaking something with determination, nothing is unattainable.

This determination, the desire to move forward, to create value, has always been the driver of Saham Group's
development, and is the main condition for its durability and expansion across the continent.

The Group's growth started in Morocco, a country featuring an attractive geo-economic environment,
that fosters economic, social, and human development initiatives.

Two decades later, the Group is positioned as a major player given its size and its mode of governance
in the insurance, offshoring, health, and real estate sectors in Africa and the Middle East .

Through structured partnerships and targeted acquisitions as part of its global strategy, Saham Group has
achieved truly dynamic growth and regional expansion, and is now developing its expertise in twenty

Driven by the desire to support the development of emerging economies, Saham Group is an active
contributor in transferring know-how that targets primarily local talent. I believe in the responsibility of all
components of Saham Group in improving the organization and in structuring the environments in which
they operate. The Group's DNA is constantly seeking to add humility and social conscience in its approach.

This commitment to the Human component is what we bring in hopes of making a world that is more
ethical, and steeped in strong values. This is our way to help build visionary projects for future generations.

Moulay Hafid Elalamy

President & Founder of Saham Group