Health Care

A sudden hospitalization may wipe away all of a family’s savings. You need your Health Insurance
coverage to maintain the lifestyle your family is accustomed to, therefore you cannot afford to
ignore such an important issue.

The "Panacea" health insurance plan covers your entire family under a single policy.
It secures your loved ones against financial emergencies during mild and critical illnesses,
surgeries and accidents.

The comprehensive Health Insurance policy from LIA insurance sal provides you with the best
It covers you against:
  • Medical expenses incurred as an inpatient during hospitalization for more than 24 hours,
  • Emergency treatment at hospital, and
  • Ambulatory services (such as Diagnostic Tests and Treatments, which do not require In-Hospital

Making a claim
Cashless claim settlement process:
  • For cold cases, call us and get a pre-approval slip.
  • For urgent cases, go directly to the hospital; show your health ID card and the LIA insurance sal
    controlling physician will follow up on your case.

In case of need, please call our medical claims department immediately: 01 - 255 640

Choosing your insurance
Before deciding to take your next step, it is better to check out the company’s credibility:
  • We invite you to check the company's financial situation; please refer to the balance sheet that reflects its capacity to fulfill commitments.
  • Ask anyone of the company's clients. A company that has given them years of satisfaction will be more likely to do the same for you.

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